Computational Teaching Computational Teaching

Graines2Tech - Provide seeds of coding... to harvest innovation!

Problems and opportunities

  • Children are passive with the digital world
  • Parents are worried with the massive use of digital tools by their children
  • Teachers want to propose more activities using and explaining digital tools, at school or outside
  • There are many resources around the digital tools and use but they are not known by all

Our solutions

  • Support children, parents and teachers
  • Provide a place and resources to practice and play
  • Moderate a physical and virtual community to share resources and best practices
  • Collaborate with researchers in Educational Technology (EdTech)

Our services

Graines2Tech, it's a Club and Digital workshops during which we guide the children towards the understanding of the new technologies.
The Club provides access to digital tools in an adapted environment in the presence of adults and other more proficient young people.
The Digital workshops enable these future players of the digital world to assimilate the concepts of coding and media creation, through digital tools (computers, tablets, specialised software, robots) and unplugged tools (puzzles, collaboration and communication games).
These digital workshops take place in our premises or in classes in partner schools.

We also bring them to interested media libraries, associations, employee representatives or fairs.

The Graines2Tech Club is also a physical and a virtual place of exchanges and meetings for the parents and teachers, who can thus enrich their resources, digital and physical tools, or teaching activities and best practices.

And we are involved in research collaboration and projects in EdTech (Educational Technology) to test the newest and most promising resources.



...for the young people to learn digital skills while having fun

...for the parents to be reassured and supported in guiding their children in an active and educative use of digital tools

...for the teachers to share and enrich their resources to teach digital skills