IS4RI - Information Systems for Research and Innovation IS4RI - Information Systems for Research and Innovation

Help society make the best of today's opportunities to increase Knowledge and Innovation

Our vision

A world where people are more creative, more active, and know how to use available resources, both physical and digital, in order to create, innovate, learn and collaborate

Our mission

Help you leverage the digital world to have fun, collaborate and be efficient

Problems and opportunities

  • Professionals need to collaborate and make projects succeed
  • Adults have difficulties sharing their knowledge
  • Children are passive with the digital world
  • With some support, digital tools allow to create, learn and collaborate

Our solutions

  • Professional training on project and team management
  • Consulting on digital tools to share knowledge, collaborate, create, and learn all life long
  • Teaching and workshops for children and adults to become and stay active and creative thanks to digital tools
  • Collaboration with researchers in EdTech (Educational Technology)

Our story

It's the story of an IS/IT manager supporting researchers, who had the vision of an IT platform integrating research information (CRIS), repositories for scientific publications, intelligence and social networks, but she couldn't implement it in her environment. That's how started IS4RI, Information Systems for Research and Innovation, in 2012. Thereafter, a colleague of her joined the adventure.
Three years later... It's the story of two IT engineers who were helping innovators to collaborate and develop their knowledge. They got hold of obsolete computers from a client, and fancied they could use them to teach IT to their children and their friends. Graines2Tech was born.

Our values

Education - Innovation - Knowledge - Collaboration

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IS4RI provides

consulting, training and resources to share, collaborate, create and learn with digital tools

Our pillars

Collaborative platforms | e-Learning | Digital workshops